Churchill Scholarship: Science, Mathematics, Engineering

Other Conditions

Except for reasons of health or other emergency, a Churchill Scholar makes a commitment to complete the program of study for which he or she is admitted, including such requirements as completion of a thesis and sitting for written or oral examinations. Failure to fulfill this commitment will require the refund of all funds expended on the student’s behalf.

Each Scholar must submit two narrative reports describing his or her academic work and the Cambridge experience, one in January and the second upon completion of the academic program.

Limit of Liability: The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States has no responsibility for bodily injury, sickness, accident, or death of Churchill Scholars, whether traveling to or from, or while residing in, the United Kingdom or otherwise. Although Churchill Scholars are covered by the National Health Service while in the United Kingdom, the purchase of health, accident, or other insurance against any such risks is at the option of the Scholar but is strongly recommended by the Foundation. It is to be noted that the National Health Service does not cover individuals outside of the United Kingdom.